Acadia student e-mail account

A student e-mail account is for current students of Acadia University. To access your Acadia e-mail, you first need a Network Account. To set up your network account go to "Setup My Network Access".

How to access e-mail

You can access your Acadia e-mail in a couple of ways.

  1. Acadia Webmail
  3. Set up your e-mail client on your computer.  To learn how to set up an e-mail client, please visit  e-mail setup on the Technology Services support website.
Forward your Acadia e-mail to another account

By going to you can set up your e-mail account to foward to a different address. You will need to login to this site with your network username and password.

Need help?  Go to

Acadia E-mail Communication Policy


All students are to activate an Acadia e-mail address upon course registration. The e-mail address assigned to a student by the University will be the only e-mail address used by Acadia for official communication with students for academic and administrative purposes. Students are responsible for checking their Acadia e-mail account regularly so as to remain current with administrative and academic notifications. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that time-critical e-mail is accessed, read, and acted upon in a timely fashion. If a student chooses to forward University e-mail to another e-mail address, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the alternate account is active.