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Name (Last, First)Ext. Department Position Location
Abela, Dr. Paul  1279 Philosophy Associate Professor BAC 223
Abela, Dr. Paul  1279 Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ESST) Philosophy, Associate Professor BAC 223
Access, Disablility  1823 Student Resource Centre Disability Access RHO 115
Accounts, Student  1297 Student Accounts General Inquiries UNH 109
Acker, Troy  4357 Service Employees Intl. Union - Local 902 Information Steward Labour/Management BAC 112
Acker, Troy  4357 Technology Services Senior Technician, Hardware Services BAC 112
Adam, Mark  1778 Music, School of Assistant Professor FTB 217
Advancement, Office of  1459 Office of Advancement General Inquiries WWC 100A
Advisor, Health Science  1729 Biology Health Science Advisor BIO 333
Agri-Food & Beverage (alab), Acadia Laboratory   9026981012 Acadia Laboratory for Agri-Food & Beverage (alab) General Inquiries HSH 249
Ahern, Dr. Stephen  1517 Acadia Centre for the Study of Ethnocultural Diversity Acting Director BAC 417
Ahern, Dr. Stephen  1517 Writing Centre Coordinator BAC 417
Ahern, Stephen  1517 AUFA Executive Past President BAC 417
Ahern, Dr. Stephen  1517 English and Theatre Professor BAC 417
Al Nammary, Osama  1415 Residence Life Residence Life Coordinator SUB 634
Al Nammary, Osama  1415 Student Services Residence Life Coordinator SUB 634
Alexander, Dr. Cynthia  1451 Politics, Department of Professor BAC 221
Aljarrah, Ayman  1632 Education, School of Assistant Professor SEM 205
Alvarez, Maria   1527 Languages & Literatures Lecturer BAC 321
Aly, Hamed  1159 Mathematics and Statistics CLT HSH 121
Analytics, Acadia Institute for Data   1777 Rural Innovation Centre (Acadia Centre for Rural Innovation) Acadia Institute for Data Analytics PAT 535F
and Theatre, English   1502 English and Theatre General Inquiries BAC 415
Anderson, Barb  1346 Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Director / Professor HSH 423
Arnold, Dr. Paul  1224 Engineering, School of Director/Assistant Professor CAR 217
Arnold, Valerie  1189 Biology Plant/Cell Technician BIO 330
Arsenault, Christopher  4357 Technology Services Service Desk Consultant, Service Desk BAC 112
Arsenault, Curtis  1894 Varsity Athletics Head Athletic Therapist AAC 2138
Art Gallery, Desk  1373 Art Gallery Art Gallery BAC 123
Arts, Faculty of  1485 Faculty of Arts General Inquiries BAC 224
Ashley, Dr. Kate  1275 Languages & Literatures Lecturer BAC 328
Atheneum Editor,    2147 Acadia Students' Union Athenaeum SUB 509/512
Athletic Service Desk, (Operations)  1568 Acadia Box Office Athletic Service Desk AAC 3004
Athletics, Varsity  1552 Varsity Athletics General Inquiries AAC 3007
Aulenbach, Terry  1747 Learning Technologies & Instructional Design (LTID) Academic Technology Specialist RHO 309
Aulenbach, Terry  1747 Open Acadia Academic Technology Specialist RHO 309
Avery, Dr. Trevor  1873 Biology Associate Professor BIO 410
Avery, Dr. Trevor  1873 Mathematics and Statistics Associate Professor BIO 410
Awrey, Kira  2138 Acadia Students' Union Manager, Cajun's Clothing Store SUB 315
Axe Radio,    2148 Acadia Students' Union Axe Radio SUB 513
Aylward, Dr. M. Lynn   1751 Education, School of Professor SEM 203