Acadia is currently upgrading our student information system, with the planned 'go-live' date for the new system being August 3rd.  Therefore, registration for courses cannot be processed until after August 3rd. 

Application for admission is available; however, registration for courses cannot be completed until the date specified above.

Thank you for your understanding.  

New Undergraduate Students - Not Yet Admitted to Acadia


If you are applying to Acadia, please apply online through our Admissions department, here:





* If you do not already have Login credentials, you will need to set that up, here: link  


* In the “Welcome to Acadia Central Login” dialog box, click on the link for…“Are you a new student?” and then follow the prompts.


Online courses currently available can be found here:




Undergraduate Students Already Admitted (Online, Intersession, TESOL)


Full-time Acadia students may take courses online during Intersession, or at any other time by permission of the Dean, Director, or Department Head. Online course tuition is normally in addition to full-or part-time tuition. It is important to consider over-load limits when registering for online courses. With permission, students with a GPA of 2.5 in the previous academic year may register for 33h, and students with a GPA of 3.0 may register for 36h.  Part-time students may register for no more than 12h of online courses in any term. 



1. Click the Login button - top right of this page.
2. Choose the appropriate registration term link to the right. 

·         Select Online for Online courses or TESOL course registrations.

·         Select Intersession for Intersession (Spring / Summer) course registrations.


3. Register

     a) Find and select your courses using the TIMETABLE link above. 

     b) Click ADD to put the course in your Backpack. 

     c) Confirm your selections using the BACKPACK link.

·         Select the Check Box for the courses you wish to be registered for;

·         Click the REGISTER button.

4. Please note that processing times for online course registrations may take up to 2-3 business days.

5. Provide payment. Payment instructions are found here. 



Graduate Students (Master of Education and Certificate in Math Teaching)

Current Graduate Students:

1. Click the login button (above)
2. Choose Registration term Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter(select from menu on the right)
3. Select Timetable, find the course you want, then select ADD. The course will then be in your backpack.
4. Submit Payment by visiting or contacting the 
Office of Student Accounts

Cohort Students:

1.    Click the Login button (above)

2.    Choose Registration term (select from the menu on the right)

3.    Then, find your courses already listed in your backpack


New Graduate Students - Not Yet Admitted to Acadia


Apply to Acadia Graduate Studies using the Graduate Admission application: 

Graduate Application 

1.     If you are applying for a Master of Education program, select that option.


2.     To apply as an Independent student, select "Independent" as your program


3.     If you are applying on a Letter of Permission from another university, indicate that in the “Notes” section.


4.     After you have been admitted, you will then complete your course registration as outlined above.



Registration Terms

For the links below to work, you must be
1. admitted to Acadia University
2. logged in to your Acadia Central Account.
Please contact registrar@acadiau.ca for assistance if you are having difficulty.

Applying for an extension?
Please select the EXTENSION tab above. 
If you are beyond your end date and do not see the EXTENSION tab, please email registrar@acadiau.ca for assistance. 
Need Assistance? Contact us.

Registrar's Office
University Hall
Weekdays - 8:30am - 4:30pm

Submit your question here.
Phone: 1-902-585-1222  
Email: registrar@acadiau.ca

MEd Students
Email: gradinfo@acadiau.ca