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2021 - 2022
Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 1613
Linear equations and their graphs. Systems of linear equations and linear inequalities. Polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions. Linear inequalities in two variables and graphical methods of linear programming. Derivatives and optimization. Applications to business and economics are integrated throughout the course. Emphasis is on understanding how problems are formulated mathematically and on interpretation of mathematically-expressed real-world problems. MATH 1613 is intended as a terminal course. Students wanting to take further math courses should take MATH 1013/MATH 1023 instead. Prerequisite(s): Mathematics 11 and 12; or Precalculus 11 and 12, or MATH 0010. Satisfactory performance on a diagnostic test may be required Antirequisite(s): Credit can be obtained for only one of MATH 1013 and MATH 1613; however students who have taken MATH 1613 and subsequently take MATH 1013 may use this course as a science elective.